A day, a life, whatever

I woke up in the house I was born in

Had breakfast with mom and with dad

Then I was off on my own long adventure 

some it was happy and some it was sad

First thing I hopped on my bicycle

Next thing I met me a girl

We made love

Did a few things we couldn’t 

Did a few things we shouldn’t as well

 we learned all about eternity

Then we learned about maternity as well

What we found it was a large playground 

All kinds of kids doing all kinds of things

Some would seek 

some would hide 

some would take it for a ride 

just to see what it could do

Just to see what it could do

Some would fight 

some would hug 

Some would trash it

Some would shrug

And some would go clean up the mess

And sometimes they were the best

In the end I had fun

As I slowly watched the sun

Beautifully setting in the west

As the stars peeked through the sky

I began to wonder why

So many questions

No one asked

They were so focused

On their task

The Sky above

The world below

With this universe in tow

And not a question on their lips

Just accepted to exist

Some build empires

Puff up and boast

But at the end of the day

It’s all Compost

As the sun did set

And the stars came out

I realized we’re a spec

In a Sea of doubt

So I dove in

To dream what it’s all about.