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These are all original songs by singer songwriter Nial Connolly. The list of song titles below the soundcloud playlist is in the order of the writing of the songs most recent on top. Click on the title and it will go to an MP4 recording with lyrics and chords. You can search by song title in the Alphabetical menu. This list is most recent first.

I started working with a songwriting group in 2017 and we were writing a song a week for a few months, went to a song a month in 2018 which really didn’t work for me, but then went back to a song a week in 2019. So I have been uploading them to soundcloud and now that I used up all my free space there so I decided to build this site.

 It has been really fun, I know that these songs are not really polished but the process is very fun and creative. A song a week is a challenge, writing lyrics, music, recording instruments and vocals. We get a prompt which has to be in the song on Monday morning and it has to be recorded and uploaded my midnight Sunday night.

 This paragraph is basically a justification for them not being up to my own standards, but it is about the songwriting, I would love for an excellent musician with a wonderful voice to learn some of my songs, they are really pretty simple.

Songs by title, most recently written first.

Superstition or Reality


Santa Fe Christmas

The Path, The Quest

The Crows are Thick

You have to Be

The Gift

Black Eyed Children


Indigenous Peoples Day

Weeping Mulberry


Slap and Shout

A Bird in the Woodstove

King of Gaia

Nursery Rhymes

In The Dark

The Nasty Sneer

My Pilot

Time Traveler

Run With Scissors

The Weirdest Gift

Grandpa To Grandson

It’ll Be Alright

Heart to Head


That 52 Chevy

Gravity (with music)

Beavers Big as Bears

A Wonderful Addiction

Feeding on the Dumb

Whole Lotta Beer

Feed the Time


The Blonde Haired Girl from Memphis

The Treasure of the Morte Madres

Entitled Bitch

The Saint Valentines Day Massacree

New Mexico


The Hill We Climb

Lucky Guy

Pocket Full of Meat

Tear out the Page

An Empty Chair

Hey, Martin


I thought I knew you




When We Revive

The Deep Dark South

Key Lime Sky

The Old Normal

No Worries


The Fire Tornados

Don’t Elect It (free demo mp3)

The Last Passenger Pigeon


Ephemeral Clouds

The Maskless Asses


Weaver of Life

If I Could Know the Future


Let the Boundaries Fall

Flip the Coin

I Ate It

The Mask

Corona and Lyme

Night owls

I Like Ike


Happy Birthday June 17th


The Last Time

I Have a Dream

The Pursuit of Happiness

I Never Ever

My Conscience

Bueno Bye


New Mexico Fog



What was that sound?

Moon the Amtrak

Name Dropping


The Ballad of Bill and Bonnie Hearne

Keepin’ it Up

Dog Days of Summer


Live in the Now


A Three Day Houseguest

Forbidden Fruit

As Much Garlic As You Can Stand

Our Past is our Frontier

The Wedding Song

Just Another Day in Paradise

Veterans Memorial Day

Will the Moon outlast the Sun?

Twists of Fate

The Wall

Where’s My World?


The Basement

Typo Universal Donor

Pirates Cove

It’s not a job, It’s a career!

Killing your best friends

Lucifers Solstice

Silk of the Night

Movie Quotes

Red Sky at Morning

Which Witch

Deep in the Glen

Let the River Run

Come here Watson I need you

White Buffalo




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