I shot my drivers license/G
artistic license renewed/C
someone mentioned homophones/D
and this was then construed/G
The board was bored/D
and the bard was barred/C
The band was banned/D
and the bear was bare/C
The baron was barren/D
I buried the berries/C
I bettered the bettor/D
               C.                  D.      G
and the Bazarre was quite bizarre
G.          G.          C.    C.          D.  D
I could see the sea from the seashore
D.            D.      C.  C.        G
I cashed in my cache for cash
G.              C.          C.        D
I put the calendar in my collandar
         D.              C.            G
and traded my hash for hash
just fax me the facts/D
kernel of truth from the colonel/C
send a knight through the night/D
 D.            C.                C
down the aisle on the isle
G.    D.        D. C
it’s allowed aloud
C.        G.          D
I will alter my altar
D.          D.    D.    D.      G
let the few have their fued
G. G. D.  D.          C
I will air out their ere
C. G.    G        D.        C
I went to a capital capitol
C.      G.      D.        D.              C
in a daze I went through my days
C.      G.    G.                D.  D. C
my dependents were all independent
     G.                              D.  C
my Homophones were all gay /GDC
 G.      G.    D.        D.      C.  C
most homophones go to grinder
         G.  G.        D.    D.    C
they gaze at the gays and choose
         G.                C
they get in their jeans
                   D.                C
but don’t mingle their genes
       C.              G.              D.    CDG
for that go to mingle for veiws
         G.                    C.              G
The males always check their mails
   D.      C.          G
fishing for the phishing
   G.              C.          G
looking for sales on sails
     D.            C.          G
A whishing swirl of wishing
     G.            C.            D
occasionally one has won
       D.    C.                G
run laps around the lapse
         G.      C.              D
The loner avoids the loaner
           D.      C.              G
and perhaps avoids the traps
     D.    D.        D.    D.  C
I know this is quite contrived
   C.        D.    D.    D.    D.  C
and I’m glad you have survived
C.        D.  D. D. D.  C
it was carefully derived
               D.          C.      G
and the end has now arrived.

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