Dating apps

So I guess I wrote a love song. It needs some work but it’s got potential just like me. There’s a couple of extra verses in the typed lyrics, I think it needs a southern accent which I can do, the banjo is definitely the right instrument. Maybe I’ll polish this one, maybe not.

Dating apps
dating apps just suck
If you’re looking for a… True love
You need a ton of luck
And a whole lot of help from above

I was really lonely
so I checked out farmers only
the girls were kinda homely
But I got me a little poon tang

then I went on Tinder
but they sent me the wrong gender
but it’s been a long cold winter
And he looked  pretty good in a dress

so I thought well why not grinder
it was just a sad reminder
this is not the place to find her
but I certainly got banged

I went on Facebook dating
And I got a five star rating
Now all I do is mating
But I haven’t found true love yet

so I downloaded match
swiped right on a big batch
in hopes of a great catch
or at least a little snatch

I even tried our time
but the matches were subprime
gave eHarmony A shot
and no’s was all I got

So I went and checked out hinge
but it really made me cringe
I Swiped right and left on bumble
But that just made me humble
so I went on Christian mingle
and now I’m glad I’m single