A Little Rattle

In the garden we blame the serpent

So women the snake they fear

When really it is the servant

For those that have ears to hear

The snake like the Divine feminine

A fear to be overcome

Like the plucking of the pelican

To make a nest for her young
So maybe we’ve outgrown our skin

Rebirth again, and again
A never ending cycle

Transition is insightful

Until the day we die
We shed our skin and fly
So the snake it doesn’t scare me

But it does sort of have its place
And I wish you would get the hell out of my car
And stop looking me in the face
Sunning himself up on the dash
And then running off and hiding
I know he’s in here, I’m gonna crash
If I can’t find him before I’m driving
Yeah my car’s got a little rattle

And I can’t seem to find it
Everybody says to burn it or junk it
But I don’t really mind it