No Such Thing as Luck

I went with the lucky prompt for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a basic CFG nothing much to say, it speaks for itself, three chords, and the truth, baby!

No such thing as luck

No such thing as  luck

there’s only preparation

so if you’re feeling stuck

how’s your reputation

are you that guy who gets things done

that people want to work with

or the type that people kind of shun

is it kind of hard to admit

put on a happy smile

just try it on for size

go that extra mile

wear it like a disguise

stop all the complaining

don’t use the word I

it’s really only draining

come on please try

feign interest in the other

until the interest is sincere

make the world your lover

until everyone is dear

find someone in desperation

shouldn’t be hard to do

give them a little admiration

put on the other shoe

next homeless person you see

give four times your normal hand out

you will see that it’s the key

to open the door no doubt

there’s no such thing as luck

bless the world blesses you

and if you’re feeling kinda stuck

that’s your cueh