Yappy little dog

I did the theme prompt about some thing you thought was cute until you spent more time with it and it was annoying. 

Yappy little Dog

his girl had a cute little yappy  pup
kept him in her purse let him drink from her cup
she’d paint his nails put his hair up in bows
eskimo kisses on his runny nose
Yeah this dog he drove me nuts
He was always licking his butt
he had a vest he was emotional support
she fed him caviar with a little gold fork
he breathed like he had a respiratory bug
he drooled more than your average pug
French kissed the girl on a regular basis
and he pooped in the weirdest places
he’d bite and bark and just raise hell
was tempted to throw him in a well
I usually love dogs they’ve been my best friend
but this little rat just offends