The Wall

     The Wall, A line in the sand.

      A.                  D.                     A.                    E
A wall in the desert between you and the water
      A.              D.        A
Is that your master plan?
  A.                D.              A.           E
idiots with egos won’t give an inch
      A.             D.          E
is this some sort of scam?

          A.                  D.       A                    E
My grandpa ran cattle through that river
       A.                  D.      A
it’s never been very grand
A   D.     A.                  E
1912 whites came along
          A.        D.               E
and drew a line in the sand

          A.             D.                   A.     E
this water is precious in this arid desert
   A.            D.            E
Truly the bringer of life
  A.                 D.        A.          E
This side or that it doesn’t matter
             A.                E.              D
every being must have it to thrive

        G.                    C
The natives have been here
        D7.                G
for thousands of years
   G.       C.              G
tribes migrate for reasons
        G.           C.               D7.          G
The animals desperately try to survive
       G.                C.                     G
In the desert you move with the seasons

     G.             C.                        D7.               G
a wall in the desert between you and the water
G.                   C.              G
sit back and watch the slaughter
        G.                 C.            D7.                G
The Spanish for well over four hundred years
  G.                  C.       D7.                G
traveling the rivers exploring frontiers
    G. C.                    D7.             G
In 1912 we drew a line in the sand
           G.              C.                 G
to the south the people were banned

        G.                  C.             D7.         G
The deserts not dead but it will be soon
          G.            C.              D7         G
if we don’t get rid of this fucking loon

    A.                       D.       A.              E
I know you can’t think ahead very far
          A.                 D.          A.        E
but please don’t leave a deadly scar
  A.                 D.            A.                    E
give him an inch he’ll take the whole border
          A.       D.             E.              A
we’re in a pinch be nature’s supporter

I thought about this but didn’t use it

Some call it Rio Bravo del Norte
build a wall and call it Rio Bravo del Morte

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