Hey, Martin

hey Martin where did you go D
I didn’t see you this year G
Did you just go inside and grow? A
or totally disappear? D
you vanished with everyone else D
like a monk into his cell G
what happened to the road warrior? A
he became a robeless worrier D
back in the closet D
under the trolls bridge Em
out of the rocket A
from the couch to the fridge D
was it a present of solitude? G
or under house arrest A
are you full of gratitude? G
or was it just a test? A
daylight breaks on a brand new year D
like the star on top of the tree G
I come out of my cave with a new career A
and see what I can see D
The Rubiks cube D
or the boxing nuns G
Breaking daylight A
or imploding suns D