Freedom true freedom

I did the theme prompt on Juneteenth but just made it a song about freedom, got it in early so I don’t have to worry, what with working all weekend. Don’t worry I’m not suicidal, we do have the greatest suicide bridge though, it’s amazing 700 feet down! sometimes you just have to use your artistic license if it hasn’t been revoked.
I’m not married either it’s all lies.

Freedom true freedom


my wife she left me 

for another man

broke my heart 

but it was part of the plan

of freedom sweet freedom Freedom sweet freedom

got fired from my job 

they said I was a loser

was a blessing in disguise

when I finally saw my future

of freedom sweet freedom freedom sweet freedom

then I lost my house

it went to foreclosure

was hard to watch them come in

with the bulldozer

but it was freedom sweet freedom freedom sweet freedom

then I was homeless and lonely

without a penny in my pocket

with no responsibilities

it’s really hard to knock it

just freedom sweet freedom freedom sweet freedom

Life was good until it wasn’t

it’s all in the mindset

but I became despondent

and went to a bridge

and stood on the rail

and I learned about balance

and tried not to fail

and then I realized it’s the middle path

too much freedom is really sad

so I stepped down and went back

and rebuilt my life

got a job and a house and even 

a wife

and I walked The middle path

with a newfound balance

and lifted the world

 with my talents

and found freedom True freedom!

Freedom to win or freedom to lose

Freedom true freedom

Freedom to flail or freedom to choose