I Ate It

I was stuck at home, restaurants closed
so I went to the fridge and ate it
I ate my favorites, then the rest,
then the things I said I hate it
I ate the good, I ate the bad I even ate the ugly
I drank the beer, then the wine, I even drank the bubly
The limelight was on the key lime pie
So I ate the whole damn thing
It’s been a week maybe two
i’ve been chewing on this chicken wing
I was checking out the cat food
I gotta go to the store
where is my mask where are my gloves
I ate what I abhor
i’m not a cook
i’m a junk food junkie
but the mold in the fridge
is looking funky
it’s OK it’s like penicillin
i’ll eat it
and dress up like a villian
and go to the store
and stock the kitchen
that cold dog soup was good with pigeon

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