D                                                    D
Cupid, you shot me with your arrow
It went down to the marrow
                  D                  G         G      A
But the arrow was tipped with lead
   D                                          D
Eros, I know I was your hero
We went out for a Giro
            D       G  G    A
And ended up in bed


I’m happy to be single   D
 D          A            A
On Valentines Day
  A                G                G
You could give me a call
G     G     G     A
In April or May

   D                                                D
Love, you’re always tricking me
     D                       D
I cannot clearly see
     D                            G      G    A
Where you would have me be

        D                                                    D
Sometimes I think I’ve found the one
          D                              D
But then she pulls the gun
           D   G           G   A
And then I have to run


           D                              D
She finally opens up to me
And then I can finally see
         D                           G                G       A
A Russian doll and there’s the next wall

          D                                      D
So Cupid reach into your quiver
And shoot me in the liver
                    D         G      G     A
With an arrow tipped in Gold

     A        D
Maybe May

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