How are you doing ? Great! /G

I couldn’t be any better /C

my reality I create /D7

I succeed at every endeavor /G

Sometimes we hide /G

behind the mask /C

at times we’ve denied /D7

the truthful task /G

trying to keep it positive /G

they don’t want to hear the truth /C

keep it on the affirmative /D7

or else they will hit the mute /G

When a narcissist confronts me /G

I have a trick to use /C

talk about myself incessantly /D7

they wilt and go recluse /G

Pierce their mask and show reflection /Am,Em

They’ll run away from the projection /Am, Em

Give it a try /G

It’s really fun /C

watch them fly /D7

into the sun /G

watch their mask melt /G

in a puddle in their lap /C

and maybe see what dwells /D7

in the gap /G

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