One plus one

I went with the prompt about working with someone else on some thing. The theme prompt is sort of got weird. It went dark on me, oh well… I’m a weekly member I think, still evaluating it. The way my schedule is going I just write a song Sunday night starting about 7 o’clock but if I can keep doing that I will remain a weekly member.

1+1 sometimes equals three
that’s the way it works with biology
One and one sometimes equals four
and sometimes even more
collaboration and penetration
insemination leads to creation
The Numbers don’t add up
with the miracle of life
with the right ingredients
it’s greater than the whole
The seed of Life it thrives
The math it multiplies
they say that life it finds a way
until the end of days
exponential growth
difficult to control
we are the virus that kills our host
yet to be diagnosed