Killing your best friends

Killin’ Your Best Friends

I was going to the races
down on Forest lane
just kickin’ back and watching
waiting for the rain

This car was doin’ eighty
went out of control
it was headed straight for us
but hit a telephone pole

that pole bent over in front of us
That car went to the top
it hit a big transformer
it exploded with a pop

And all the lights in the whole town went out
White fireworks sprayed down all about
I looked up at that car up in the sky
wondering which way it would fall and who would die

Luckily for me it went to the right
Didn’t hit my car but it gave me a fright

It landed right in front of us
testing my faith and trust
We were quite shaken
to close a call
but four died that night from that fall

The driver still lives to this day
But he killed his best friends they say

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