The Middle Path


Music is cool. When I got off of work at 5 o’clock no song existed and now this does!
I went with the balance prompt and did a musical interlude. Anyone who knows Santa Fe knows about Zozobra and I had the ultimate Zozobra experience, my iPad got stolen, which is just so perfect for Zozobra! I think I lost a lot of songs oh well. Maybe not we’ll see, they are probably floating around in a cloud somewhere. And I get a new iPad, cool. I tracked it to a drug rehab center and talked to Security there but I haven’t gotten it back but I got to play cops and robbers and I haven’t done that since I was a little kid, it was fun. but I will walk the middle path even though if you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room.
Nial weekly ??? I may have to go monthly but maybe not, depends on the muse and the time space continuum.

The middle path
The middle path the balanced way
for every day try not to stray
right views right aspirations
with all of your relations
right speech right actions
with no distractions
right living right exertion
with every living person
right recollection right meditation
A spotless reputation
walk in balance with all creation
The middle path Of mediation