Gravity (with music)

There once was a heavenly household

Living in a realm divine

Keeping watch over other members

Who were thinking they were quite fine


From divine perspective they seemed the fools

Living in Gravity dense

Seeing only the footsteps in front of their feet

Instead of the world so immense


So one of the family members

A son, with compassion, so pure

Decided he would go to the gravity world

With divine vision he had the cure


So he asked the God’s if he could go and help

To be born to a family on Earth

The God’s accepted his request, with a chuckle

And the boy had an easy birth


But after his birth, the ease diminished

As gravity’s force descended

He felt torn from his family in the divine realms

And only wanted the tear to be mended


But with a little more time in this gravity realm

His divine thoughts, were pulled down

And soon he was walking like everyone else

With his head hung to the ground


His sister was watching from heaven above

Shaking her head with a sigh

“The boy has so much compassion

But no will, to keep his thoughts on high”


“Won’t you please let me go and help

He has totally forgotten his task.”

With permission she went to the costume shop

To pick out an earthly mask


And she was born with ease to this earthly realm

With no warning of this gravity foe

And she, just like him, was sucked straight down

Into a state of woe


The father saw clearly from his heavenly stance

His kids, caught in the snare

Although he wanted to jump in and help

He knew better, he didn’t dare


He thought I’ll ask for some higher help

So he went to a wizard named Mu

He knows the Heavenly and Earthly realms

I’m sure he’ll know what to do


Mu lived in a cave on the crags of a cliff

The forest mists were his home

And he had a friend and helper with him

A three eyed one-legged gnome


The Father went and sat with our Mu

By a fire on his mythical isle

He said “My dear Mu, I’ve got quite a problem

Could we sit and chat for awhile?


He described the situation with his kids on Earth

And how they’d forgotten their purpose

He asked Mu what he knew about this gravity thing

And how it created this circus


Mu was a wise wiz with answers galore

And he was in a talkative mood

So he said to the father, “Sit down by the fire”

And he said to the gnome “Stoke it dude”


You see up here in the heavenly realms

Without that gravity force

Our thoughts they float upward, to the clear as light chakras

And we see quite clearly our course


But when you decide to go to the earth

And in the field of gravity are given birth

The rules of the game have changed

And your thoughts must be rearranged


In gravity your thoughts are pulled downward

For survival and instinct and sex

To survive in the world, it is vital

To unite with the heavens, a hex


The father was perturbed by his answer

“Is there no hope for my kids?

Are they stuck in gravity ’til death do they part

Or can they unite with what’s hid?”


“There is one force stronger than gravity

Down below, and here, up above

And you know what that is, do I need to tell you

You know that, that force is Love


If one is born into gravity

But his thoughts are centered in Love

Then they will rise through all downward pulls

And they will reside above


Then you remember the heavenly realms

The place from whence you came

Then you can see the spiritual body

And touch the eternal flame


But many have tried and many have failed

To live a life centered in Love

It takes a brave soul, to unite with the whole

To live life, in the earth, and above”


“But what of my children, will they figure it out

Or swim in the downward pull

And what can I do, to give them a clue

To give them a life so full”


“There’s one thing to do if your love is so true

One way to help them reach

Be born, do your part, with Love in your heart

Go and heal and teach”


So the father, he left the wizard and gnome

Went down the cliffs, and sailed for home

He prepared to stay centered in Love

And to find parents, that fit like a glove


He went to the records of prospective parents

And he found that his daughter was twenty

She was madly in battle with a guy from Seattle

And yes, they’d been doin’ it plenty.


So he came to birth, for what it’s worth

And as an infant, stayed focused in light

His parents, they split, his heart took a hit

And he went with his mom, it was right.


As he grew older, he taught his mom

In his kind and gentle way

He taught her of Love, of selfless giving

He taught her by night and by day


And the more she learned, the more her thoughts rose

And the brighter the light in her mind

The more her son taught her to Love

Then the looser was gravity’s bind


One day she was seeing quite clearly

She was centered and balanced in heart

And she ran into a man she knew dearly

Though they had only met in part


This man he felt like a brother

With a Love that was pure and chaste

She felt like she wanted to help him

His life seemed like such a waste


But he seems to have so much compassion

And deep down I know he is good

I want to help him to learn how to Love

I feel it’s my calling, I should


So they learned to Love together

In a different divine way

And they taught many others the way of Love

And they still do, to this day.