Middle Ground

I went with the word prompt of the middle ground. Sometimes I will take a nap just to go into that dream space because when I come out to that in between dreams and reality place, I get cool stuff. The real question is which is reality. 


The middle ground

just looking for that middle ground

between waking and sleep

just trying to find a middle ground

between dreams and reality

place where I can see you

and maybe you see me

just trying to find that middle ground

that no man’s land of peace

that subliminal space between dark and light

it’s always such a tease

just trying to find that middle ground

between contentment and desire

it’s the pit and it’s the pendulum

it really makes me tired

everything in moderation


sometimes it’s time to take the leap


The edge it cuts and it takes some guts

The edge is where I dwell

The middle ground is shallow

The Peak is where I excel

i’d rather be on the mountain peak

someplace quite unique

if you’re not living on the edge

you’re taking up too much room