Super Dog

This one is just stupid. Don’t listen to this. It culd be fixed maybe. It needs a chorus.


there was a boy that fell in the river
was quickly swept down stream
and then a dog jumped in and saved him
least that’s the way it seemed
was a hero petted and praised
rewarded with a Thick T bone
it made the evening paper
this dog was very well known
it happened again just a week later
another kid almost drowned
but super dog he went to work
and pulled him to the ground
this time he got a sirloin
lots of praise and acclaim
he was known all over the land
had truly achieved fame
but there were a lot of kids falling in the river
more than ever before
and one day somebody saw it
right there on the shore
A little kid walking on the bank
and super dog bolted and ran
he rammed the kid right in the flank
and the kid fell in and sank
and then the dog jumped in and saved him
came out wagging waiting for a treat
this time he got put in the dog house
and he didn’t even get to eat