Family History

So I did the family history, prompt, with basically spoken word and now you know my family history as far as my mother could trace it, and she was really into genealogy, but we can’t get across the pond.

Family History

Family history don’t know what to say

We went a long long way

preachers and teachers and artists and math

crunching the numbers and showing the path

never could trace it across the pond

SAR DAR Couldn’t get beyond

we were here for the revolutionary war

Americans to the core

civil War in Chattanooga Tennessee

went to Louisiana I guarantee

then we moved to Texas where I came to be

kept on moving westward all the way to the sea

to Colorado a son was born

and he is very very good

and then my daughter a star is born

in the middle of Hollywood

we’ve left a trail of DNA

across this country east to west

and all in all I would say

we have all been blessed