well, I did the prompt about some thing you can’t escape. You can actually escape taxes All that takes is death, and you can actually escape death. All that takes is reincarnation. The Buddha says you can escape reincarnation by reaching nirvana. But the bodhisattva reincarnates until every atom of the universe is enlightened!

It’s the ultimate escape room.

Escape !

Sometimes I need to escape

this wheel of reincarnation

I just kind of feel like I’m not in shape

to do this all again

if the tunnel of light is the birth canal

i’d rather be meeting with Percival

I need a break from this wheel

not ready to replay this ordeal

can we get a break in the  inner plains

i’m tired and achy and have lots of pains

I don’t wanna come back I hated teething

get me off this wheel I’ll just stop breathing

screw Nirvana I’ll come back

bodhisattva is where it’s at

Sometimes I need to escape