The Last Time

The last time we dropped the bomb
A little more than we expected
we should have been more careful
with that jerk that we elected

didn’t think the ionospere
would go up the way it did
and then that nuclear winter
From that drop hole where we hid

I thought Elan had it figured out
and at least we did escape
but we’re running out of oxygen
we’re really in a scrape

this Mars idea was ill concieved
Earth was really nice
Bill and Warren aren’t much good
it’s a role of the dice

that small blue dot is almost gone
I guess we really blew it
we should’ve gone with Branson
it seems he really knew it

it’s like we’re on an ark
but we forgot the animals
they said the next time would be fire
but they didn’t mention cannibals

the stars are really beautiful
but we are running out of air
hindsights 2020
and now we’re in despair

The last time we dropped the bomb
when civilization ended
mankinds arrogance taken way to far
and life on earth transcended

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