The Blonde Haired Girl from Memphis

blonde haired girl from Memphis CF
and her brother Ricky Romero CG
rode in the backseat C
up a dirt road very narrow FCG
and off the cliff into mid air Am Em
we flew until we landed square Am Em
through the water and out again Dm Am
then down the beach we took a spin Em Am
until we hit that enormous wall Bdim Am
and took a turn and took a fall B7 E
far far down to my childhood home D Em
The blonde haired girl from Memphis trailed GD
and Ricky Romero roamed C A7
we felt the velvet walls DA
and heard the clock chime GD
and wandered through the halls DA
in a different kind of time GD
we tried to take a picture AG
but cameras don’t work in that space CG
it’s like a different dimension FC
The different phase, A maze, A haze GCD
and we lost Ricky Romero GEm
searching we found the dogs Dm Am
The white one and the black one G Am
staying with the hogs Dm Am
and the clocks all stopped Em Am
The girls dimples popped Dm Am
she was filled with such a joy GCD
at the ending of the boy CG
and the angels started singing CD
as the telephones were ringing CD
The black one and the white one GC
The heavy or the light one GD
to answer or ignore CG
or just run out the door CD
of chiseled glass and prisms Am Em
into our worldly prison GD
to answer both is the only way Am Em
if we really want to stay CG
that’s what the angels say DC
that’s what the angels say CG