Whispering Statues

went with the word prompts of whispering statues and the penalty prompt of falling leaves just because it worked well together thanks Katrina I kind of pictured some old statues around a swimming pool in the autumn with leaves falling. Leaves falling kind of sound like whispers. then I thought about how we rewrite history and we never really know how it really went down in the past only the statues know. oh, shoot, I should’ve done a verse I’m tearing down the statues I’m losing our history but never mind I didn’t do that I did this.
Nial weekly

Whispering statues in the falling leaves
whispering of times past
families come and families gone
The things that cannot last

Keeper of secrets wandering through
but everything slips through his grasp
and falls into the deep dark pool
Of questions never asked

never to be seen again?
Sealed away forever?
The pool is frozen
The past is chosen

but the truth it has a way
of giving up the past
i’m really not too worried
The pool, it’s melting fast

Whispering statues in the falling leaves
telling secrets of the ages
laughing at the history books
and ripping out the pages