Some people learn the hard way

I did the never again prompt. I had hope for this one, I still have some hope for it. I never really have time to learn songs but this one should be pretty easy, somebody should learn it.
Nial (weekly)

some people learn the hard way ACA
some people use their brain GA
take your choice the mind or the grind AGA
one’s easy and one’s a pain CA
I tend to learn the hard way ACA
The struggle never ends GA
but it’s OK it’s made me strong AGA
and my heart it always mends CA
some things I ‘ve learned AC
some things I’ve earned AG
and some things never again GGA
somethings I’ve burned AC
some things I’ve returned AG
and some things I’ve condemned GGA
The older I get AC
and the more that I’ve learned AG
The mind kicks into gear GGA
by the time of my death AC
all my concerns AG
Will probably disappear GGA