Driving to Thanksgiving

I went with the prompt to put something in the song that you don’t see much anymore. There are many things from my early childhood. And a few things that did not happen, and a few things that did.

Driving to Thanksgiving DAE
some of us long for simpler times
with nursery rhymes
when calls were dimes
but I remember the truth
I don’t really want the DDT
my mom let me play with mercury
and she’d help me boil the lead
it’s amazing I’m not dead
I loved the backseat in the old station wagon
waving at the cars behind us
most of us made it some of us died
some got hit by the bus
yeah he wasn’t the brightest bulb
or the sharpest tool in the shed
but we’ll miss him,
it was on all three channels
it’s a shame the kid is dead
there’s more where he came from
we still have 12 left
come on honey let’s go to bed
did you light the pilot?
cause I turned on the gas
I think they’re finally all asleep
how I miss the past
riding around with all the kids
in the back of the pick up
with a case of beer on the front seat
and vodka in a sippy cup
keeps that baby quiet
laying on the floor
only 100 miles to go
maybe a little more
when is the last time you did a headcount
I was wondering what happened to Lucky
I really haven’t seen him for a little bit
since back when we left the Stuckey’s
dammit there’s only 10
where is Lucky ? where is Finn?
by the time that we get home
they’ll be nothing on TV
but the Indian head test pattern
damn I’ve got to pee
hand me that bottle
The turkeys on the block
we don’t want to let it cool down
we’re running against the clock
did you turn the iron off?
johnny’s got the runs
we should have brought more underwear
at least I brought the guns
dammit we’ve got a flat
and I forgot to load the spare
don’t you worry, just hang out
i’ll stick my thumb in the air
thanks for the ride, where are you going?
oh that truck? It’s not mine
Mexico? Well that sounds good
Mexico sounds just fine