Chritmas Truce of 1914

Stationed  in the trenches on Christmas Eve

Back in 1914

Hearing soldiers singing

Our favorite Christmas carols

Sielent knoch

Sielent knoch

All is calm

All is right

But that song is coming from the other side

The ones we’ve been shooting and prayed would die

Sielent  knock 

Seilent knock

All is wrong

All is fright

Put down your guns

And call a cease fire

Sing Christmas carols

Around a campfire

Merry Christmas to all

And let’s have a good day

Let’s get out the football

And play and play

Merry Christmas to all and let’s have a good day

I’ll kill you tomorrow

Because it’s our way

Merry Christmas today merry Christmas today I’ll probably kill you tomorrow but merry Christmas today