Tickety tickety tock


I didn’t have much time, So I wrote the words earlier and threw this together tonight because time was running out, time can be a problem. It was getting late. The clock was ticking, the deadline was decaying in front of me so here it is. oh shit, I just realized I totally forgot the last line oh well too late.

tickety tickety tock
we broke the atomic clock
and now all the fools
That live on schedules
are in a state of shock
we split the world into many zones
Times an allusion we don’t know how
decay of atoms decay of bones
when all there is is the now
daylight savings yes or no
The spin of the planet
The drawing of the bow
The tightness of the spring
The pendulums they swing
The sands of the hourglass
future present past passed
it’s all an illusion there’s only the now
but we don’t know how
as reality marches forward
in to entropy
our destiny is our legacy
and the clock is our enemy
and so we embrace the present
for the present that it is
and know that the sands of the hourglass
are only just a quiz