Thanksgiving with the natives

Well I went with the theme prompt of Thanksgiving. It started off really cool a few years ago having Thanksgiving with the Souix Indian that lived down the street. But then later I got to talking to the guy and they got well a little dark.  True story I will not post this on Facebook to many locals knew the girl and it was quite traumatic for the whole town. The guy is in prison. Sorry this is dark stuff but I’ll never forget that Thanksgiving. The guy down the street was super nice and he really did live in Tuff shed. It’s the wild West out here .

Thanksgiving with the natives
so the turkey was cooking
thought would take a stroll
down to the graveyard
that’s the way we roll
This native dude came out of the shed
and offered us fry bread
so we broke bread with the natives
it was funny what he said
you gotta be tough to live in a Tuff shed
it seemed appropriate on Thanksgiving day
to break bread with the natives
in a very friendly way
he lived down the street in his little tuff shed
I got to know him pretty well
and this is what he said
he was friends with this guy
And I couldn’t fathom why
i had heard the news and wondered
Why she had to die
he was high on Coke
she wanted him to stop
so she swallowed the baggie
prayed it wouldn’t pop
so his buddy went native
she was decapitated
to try to get his Coke back
The things you’ll do for crack
but I never heard that he was Souix
I never heard that’s what they do
since the ancient times
these have been their crimes
when I heard it in the news
I was really quite confused
it was impossible to believe
and then I found I was naïve
but we broke fry bread
and it was good
on Thanksgiving day
in the neighborhood
with a little tough guy
from a little Tuff shed
Who knew the guy
who Took off her head