Weaver of Life

Weaver of life
spinning our way through this circle of life
rotation location spindling strife
spinning the spiral, the DNA strand
working with tension, working with hand
spinning the strands for the cloak
designing the pieces of yolk
The building blocks of the blanket
to swaddle us right to the casket
winding the shuttle and warping the loom
building the cacoon preparing the womb
as the strands of lifes design
bring forth, the divine
put the boat into the shed
before you go to bed
and help the man in the canoe
if you even have a clue
as the shuttle moves from east to west
just thread it down the middle
you will succeed in your noble quest
if you keep your fingers nimble
and do knot drop the spindle
and the butterfly it will come forth
from its carefully constructed cacoon
and it will fly high and find true north
and unite with the moon