Not the Band

Sometimes songs come to you in a flash and other times at least for me you work them out like a puzzle. This was a fun puzzle. I did the prompt of some thing I need to do.

Not the band

I need to feed the byrds
I need to feed the phish
I need to find the cure
I need a rhinoceros
I really need some morphine
with a shot of Everclear
I just want to reach nirvana
just to share a beer
we need to alleviate war
bring back the dead Kennedys
that would open the doors
end the public enemy
then we could have a green day
And go to the river dance
end this social distortion
and finally crown our prince
finally return to forever
plant flowers in the walls
say prayers for our grateful dead
and dance with the New York dolls
this is my creed
and to this I say yes
we will all be god smacked
Who would guess