New Mexico Fog

New Mexico Fog

GCDG (that’s all)

New Mexico Fog you’ve enchanted me

as I walk along through this snowy sea

I have seen so far with your vistas clear

But now I sit In your cloudy sphere

As the buttes thrust out from this cloudy sea

New Mexico fog you’ve enchanted me

I’ve known your horizons far away

But now I’m in your misty way

Your icy winds bite at my face

As I avoid your wintry chase

New Mexico fog you’ve enchanted me

I can only dream what I cannot see

Your pines and aspen towering tall

The fiery flames of a mountain fall

This desert land quiet and serene

As I patiently wait for your alpine spring

Your cold clear streams from their mountains nest

Slow down below to their oceans quest

The Rio Grande far down below

I cannot see it’s shimmering flow

Your piñon pine and sagebrush scent

It paints my mind with just a hint

Your northern mountains your southern plains

Your wintry storms your summer rains

Your mountain peaks envelope me

Though from your fog I cannot see

New Mexico fog you’ve enchanted me

My mind unlocked with natures key

As I do wait so patiently

for your dawn to rise in it’s warm beauty

As the sky does clear and the fog does lift

The enchantment stays as our sacred gift

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