Take ‘Em For A Ride

went with the prompt to write a song with a surprise ending. I drove cabs in Santa Fe for 15 years so this is just a cab story. I realized I could probably do a double album of just Cab stories so here’s the first one. 

Take Em for a ride

was driving my cab
just picking up fares
Way down on the southside
living life like a dare
The Allsups by the Denny’s
to a trailer off of Airport
Feels a little shady
as I pull up to their carport
three guys show their wallets
not a penny to their name
i’m really sick of this shit
it’s really really lame

so I punch it and I peel out
way down Airport Road
I am taking you for a little ride
far from your abode
I pulled off in a field
way out in the snow
get out and walk don’t call a cab
when you don’t have the dough
they all three jumped and ran
I headed into town
but I had to tell my dispatcher
what had just gone down

three guys were gonna stiff me
so I dumped them in a Field
my boss  just said “good idea good deal“
a driver got on the radio
said  trailer  behind the shell?
I could tell he probably
knew them well
given them many rides
they always pay and tip
I really love those guys
They’re always quite a trip

I guess I will go get them
Now I feel really bad
They did seem pretty nice
They just made me mad

I drove back to the field
They’re walking down the road
It was 20 degrees
In the dark and in the snow

They run towards the cab
See me and go oh no!
don’t worry guys this rides on me
I’ll get you home for free

at first they were scared
but then we laughed and laughed
they went in their trailer
and got me cash

i’ve picked them up
many times since
We always laugh
I consider them friends