Alfalfa filds at 2am

I got the prompt about some thing I was thankful for in and the penalty prompt of Yesterdaze and I did the musical prompt of 1 654 chord progression. It is GE minor DC.
So there you have it.

Alfalfa fields at 2 AM

Back when I was young and stupid
I did a lot of things
beer and booze and harder drugs
and crazy outlaw flings
of all the drugs and substances
there was only one that scared me
Black tar opium on the head of a pin
that shit will set you free
it smelled so good
bathed your brain in bliss
but I knew it was a problem
I would always miss
alfalfa fields at 2 AM
chest high in the fall
hide and seek with my friends naked
you stand and then you crawl
i’m squatted down I’m hiding out
with my bare butt by the ground
and a wet nose goes between my cheeks
silent, without a sound
an armadillo nose up my butt
I imagine that’s pretty rare
while high on opium under a full moon
what a strange affair
you know what happened
you can’t make that shit up
an armadillo nose
up your butt?
i’m just thankful that back in the Yesterdaze
that opium was a one time treat
because if it was around in abundance
I would be an addicted freak!