Tear out the Page

Tear out the page

from the old Ford ship on the open seas CDm
The wars of men displease Em G
The Ecstasy that fantasies wage C Dm
just before you turn the page FC

to reality an adolescent whirl CF
The decadence of an incandescent pearl FC
naivety of griefs assuage Dm Am
ignorance of the breadth of the stage Dm C
just before you turn the page FC

as the weights come crashing down GC
the pendulum soars stratospheric DmAm
manifestations are earth bound DmAm
our dreams are realistic CG
we begin to twist the cage FC
just before we turn the page GC

The gold mind within hour reach CG
The leech we must impeach DmAm
our goals they lose control CG
The sage must be engaged FC
before we turn the page GC

as the lead breaks on this volume DmAm
The erasure is a crust DmAm
a rewrite is foreclosure DmAm
we must readjust to trust DmAm
and re-gauge the wager FC
and just tear out the page GC