Deep in the Glen

Deep in the glen

Deep in the glen
where the fairey folk live
the nature spirits galore
the gnomes and the elves
fifth dimensional selves
reality not just a lore

If ye but have the eyes to see
and are open to the view
the wee folk in their shimmering glory
tramping ‘neath the dew

Been here for eons
before the time of man
just beyond the pale
with the eye of Sion
in a peripheral scan
witness them in the veil

Ask for their help
and they will oblige
they know the land
above and below

tread lightly with care
tiptoe through their lair
and you will unite with their flow

beware of the gnomes
and walk with grace
they will come out of the night
avoid their homes
and fix your gaze
just between the starlight

they live their whole lives
in a subtlety
in the shades of the greens and blues
be quiet and still, bare feet on the ground
as the veils reveal the hues

it’s not the path for most men
to romp in the fairey folks den
most will stay, far far away
and not go deep in the glen

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