Moon the Amtrak

Moon the Amtrak

Once a year I had a party  D
When I lived on the railroad tracks. A
I always furnished tequila. E
Some of my friends would bring the snacks. A

When the train did finally come  D
You’d get your butt to the ballast  A
We would always moon the Amtrak  E
Whether you’re flabby or saggy or calloused  A

So get your ass to the party  D
And better get it they’re lookin’ fine  A
It really is quite a good time  E
And yes, it’s a bit of a crime  A

Yes it’s indecent exposure  D
Have faith, I can be trusted  A
It’s an annual tradition  E
I really don’t think we’ll get busted  A

It’s time to moon the Amtrak  D
It’s fiesta time  A
I understand when people are late  E
It is a bit of a crime  A