Red Sky at Morning

Red Sky at Morning

Red sky in the morning
I know there is a storm coming
But it’s just so beautiful now
This sunrise is incredible, Wow

I know I should be engulfed in fear
I know that the torrent is near
They say that the now is a present
it’s all we have and it’s pleasant
don’t worry about tomorrows duty
sit back and take in the beauty

tomorrow might not even exist
and we’ve all gone and made out our lists
to try to secure and to prepare
we don’t know what’s there

but the red sky at morning is splendid
if we take each wave as it comes
cut our sails the way the wind did
or steer into the doldrums

to crash over the crest
or swoop into the swail
to ride the waves with grace
and never have to bail

but then you laugh
and get a clue
take off your rose colored glasses
and then you finally do see
that it’s actually blue

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