I Like Ike

my birthdate I just found. G
I’m older than Alaska. C
a state in 1958. D
when they created Nasa. G
i’m three weeks older. G
than the biggest state. C
that should hold some wait D
G.       G.    G C C. C
Ike signed it into law
       D.   D.    D.          C.       C.     G
and he was born 5 blocks from Ma
Am.                                 Em
beware of the military industrial complex
They thought it was a blessing Am
but Ike said it was a hex. Em
In General he was right. G
successors don’t listen, none. C
all that’s in their sight  D
is who is number won. G
he did make Alaska a state. G
and he warned us of the now. C
he seemed to know our fate. D
and what we would allow. G
The policeman of the world G
or an empire gone astray. Am
democracy unfurled  D
or the end of days. Em
but at least he made Alaska a state. G
it’s a beautiful place to hike. C
D.                              C
and he warned us, but we don’t listen
I like Ike.    GCG

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