Forbidden Fruit

G. G. D
She was so damn young
Em. C
and so damn cute
G. G. G. D. D
almost magnetic
Em. Em.Em C
that forbidden fruit
G. G. D
I know she could tell
D. Em Em. C
she had cast her spell
She was in pursuit
D. D. D. D. CCCC
that forbidden fruit

C. G.G G D
she was like the coyote
Em. Em -D- C
or trickster with his flute
G. G. G. G. D. D
but I could see clearly
EmEmEmEm. C
that forbidden fruit
G. G. D. D
I thought when I met her
Em. Em. C
how old are you?
G. G. G. DD
I could be your father
Em. Em. C
do you have a clue?
G. G. G
she’s flirting with me
D. D
but I can see
Em. Em. Em. Em C
you should meet my son
G. G. DD G
but you disagree
D. D. D. D. C
oh she looks like fun
C. C. C. C. G
and she’s super cute
D. D. D D. C
but this little girl
C. C. C. C. G
is forbidden fruit
G. G. D. D
she’s young and hormonal
EmEm. C
Her proposition I heard
G. G. G. G. D
But the problem is
C C. C C C. G
you have to talk to her afterwards

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