I went with the theme prompt. I ended up talking to a born-again Christian this week, not that there’s anything wrong with that but this guy was a piece of work. It really annoyed me and then I looked at the prompt and thought oh goody thank you I get to write a song about some thing that annoys me. What a blessing to be annoyed so here it is.

If your actions don’t reflect
then my conscience it rejects
I really hate a hypocrite
in the cloud of his bullshit
The truth smells sweet as roses
over the lies that it exposes
you’ll know it when you see it
But better yet just be it
promises promises good intentions
between the lines they failed to mention
so they can rob you blind
just sign on the dotted line
They say one thing and do another
by their fruits you know them brother
in God’s name they Steal and cheat
talk compassion turn off the heat
what on earth would Jesus do
Cut off your water your bill’s past due
The hypocrites are everywhere
their bank accounts in Delaware
or maybe it’s offshore
their tactics I abhor
praise the Lord and Pass the gravy
give me cash we’ll go to Haiti
we’re taking my third yacht
it’s better than a Vegas jackpot
it burns me up done in gods name
atheists come and rent a plane
do great works never complain
kind of gives God a bad name