The Hill We Climb

Lady Gaga and JLo did ok

But Miss Gordon stole the show away

Spitting truth for the day

She braved the belly of the beast

To learn that quiet isn’t always peace

 She was there to witness

A nation that isn’t broken

But simply unfinished

And so she lifts our gazes

Not to what stands between us

But before us

We will lay down our arms

So we can reach out our arms

We grieved we grew

We hurt we hoped

We tired we tried

Victory won’t lie in the blade

But in all the bridges we’ve made

Being American is more 

than the pride we inherit

It’s the past we step into

And how we repair it

A country that is bruised but whole

Benevolent but bold

Fierce and free

Battered and beautiful

We are brave enough to see it

We are brave enough to be it

That’s the hill we climb