Male White Privilege

I went with the prompts about a gift that you got that you didn’t really want. I also went with  CGFDm
If you don’t like the lyrics you can get pissed off at me, I’m used to it. By the way I’m always joking ,almost always.

they say that I’m privileged
that I have an advantage
but I feel somewhat challenged
And a little bit damaged

I’m squandering my white privilege
I haven’t done much
My gender is advantaged
But I don’t have the touch

I was given a gift
Of white skin and a dick
They say that I’m privileged
I just haven’t learned the trick

I could’ve done something with my privilege
I should’ve done something with my privilege
I could’ve been a contender
I have the color and the gender

Male white privilege is really a treat just ask the next homeless guy you see on the street