There once was a woman ,So fine and so fare

her eyes shone like diamonds, had waterfall hair

her skin was translucent, and glowed with the light

and when men would see her, their hearts would take flight

Her countenance fair, was beyond spoken word

and her voice was a song, that would shame any bird

She smelled of white roses, she wore in her hair

her Love was anointing, with all she would share

She moved as a dancer, Synchronized with all life

and all the men dreamed, of her as their wife

She came to the Village, each day about noon

the men would propose, and on bended knee swoon

finally she said, to one hundred and ten

I’ve a task , you to do, if my heart you’re to win

You’re to find me a Sutra, explaining all life

if you do truly, want me for your wife

The next day she came down, from the hills up above

and found sixty six men, proposing their Love

and they all were prepared, with Sutras in hand

but this could not be, with a party so grand

So she told them to go, to meditate and to pray

to explain the symbology, in their Sutra next day

The next day she came down, from the hills up above

and found thirty three men, proposing their love

They had explanations, and their symbols were true

but thirty three men? This would not do

so she asked them to practice, an oral recitation

to impart this truth to her, with beauty and elation

The next day she came down, from the hills up above

and found seven men, proposing their love

They recited with beauty, and their voices were pure

but seven’s too many, she had a cure

Go and study your Sutras, for their truths should be prized 

and come back the next day, if totally realised

the next day she came down, from the hills up above

and found one lone man, proposing his love

his Sutra it spoke, as a light emanation

he was ecstatic with joy, of realization

so she gave him directions, to her house in the trees

and said see my parents, if my love you do please

So he went there at dusk, to their woodland house

to ask if their daughter, could be his spouse

her parents he found, were wise and were old

the wisdom of ages, their eyes did hold

they asked him sincerely, if his love was pure

if his body was chaste, and his virtue was sure

this man lived a life, of virtue and law

and his love was so pure, he said “yes there’s no flaw.”

her parents could see, this man was of light

they showed him to her bedroom, for it was soon to be night

but when he entered in, his love was not there

the window was open, a dusk breeze blew warm air

he went to the window, and looked down in the sand

he saw her small footprints, through the trees cross the land

he followed them down, through the sand pure white

until he came to a river, a clear crystalline sight

and there by the river, lie her silken clothes

and her golden slippers, by this pure water flow

so he took off his own, and walked cross the sand

and dove into the water, what he beheld was grand !

for the moment he touched, that water so clear

his eyes opened up, as the deaf that could hear

and then he beheld, all the heavenly regions

all the holy presences, and the angels in legions

he beheld the thrones, and the kingdom on high

revealed were the galaxies, as he looked to the sky

he understood all, of this cosmic plan

and how it directed, the will of man

as all life became, as clear as the stream,

he knew that his love, was no mortal being

she was divine mother Love, overseeing all life

and he was our Father, for she is his wife

and as he took his seat, in a throne on high

and as he looked down, o’er the plants and sky

He kissed his beloved, said “It’s so clear from above

why can’t they see, that all that matters is Love?”

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