The Perfect Woman


The Perfect Woman

There once was a teacher, a teacher of truth
who was celibate all of his life
He never was one with a woman so fair
He never had taken a wife

One day he was sitting with a student so true
imparting his knowledge, the way as he knew
his student asked him sincerely, why he had chosen a life of solitude
“Why have you never been with a woman?
If I can be so rude.”

The wise one pondered the question
leaned back and looked at the sky
he told the student it was not rude to ask
and then he told him why

“When young I searched for the perfect woman
with intelligence beauty and heart
I wanted a divine connection
I was not satisfied with just part

I met a woman, was a feast for the eyes
her face was divine bliss
her body was perfect, her hair was golden
her lips invited my kiss

There was only one problem, she was dumb as an ox
as vacuous as a teenage blonde
so I went on my way, in search of another
of which I could be fond

Then I met a woman as smart as a whip
conversations were always enlightening
she always had insights I’d never dreamed of
her wit was so quick it was frightening

There was only one problem, she was flat out Butt ugly
with warts, and flakes, and pocks
she was overweight, and had bad breath
if you could smell it over her socks

so I went on my way, in search of another
in search of a woman to Love
looking for one with divine connection
a soul mate sent from above

I met a woman who fit the bill
she was perfect in every way
my heart it opened, the cupids rejoiced
my thoughts, this woman would say

her beauty was beyond my imagination
her face was a shining light
her smile, it brightened the darkest places
I thought of her day and night

Her body was molded from the Sandman’s dreams
her skin was supple and soft
her hair was radiant, her walk, a dance
my mind and soul were aloft

her mind was sharp, her thoughts divine
with a humor that lifted the world
we spoke for hours, how the time would fly
our thoughts intermeshed and unfurled

our lives were connected
as if we were one
she was in my dreams
she was my shining sun”

His student seemed somewhat puzzled
to see his teacher centered in joy
he had heard his truths and his wisdom
not seen this light in his eyes like a boy

“What happened to her?
Where has she gone?
Why do you spend
all your time alone?”

“Well you see my son
There was only one problem, with this Goddess and she ran
for you see my student, this wonderful woman
was looking for the perfect man.”

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