Looking for the perfect woman

a lock to fit my key

the one’s I meet they seem all wrong

a match I cannot see

most don’t seem to be my type

the one’s that are, are taken

and none have touched me to the core

my heart has not been shaken

and none have had that special click

that melts the heart and mind

that perfect interlocking piece

I wonder if I’ll find

wanting is the problem

if I’d resign to bachelorhood

then that perfect one would come along

I’d stop trying if I could

but the soul it yearns for perfect love

the thirst that can’t be quenched

without the one fitting like a glove

this urge will not be benched

Love is the core of all creation

the search, as water in the desert sand

the quest for it is lifes equation

the sum is in God’s hand

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