Blind Pete

Everybody hated picking up Pete. He was high maintenance and very rude, and blind. There was something about him that I really liked. He was raw and crude truth.He always carried a knife, and he said “I may be blind but I could kill you in a minute.” He has probably never killed anybody. He said he was good friends with all the Hell’s angels and he probably was,The Hell’s angels have a soft spot for the handicapped. So one day I go to pick up Pete at Tortilla Flats, a mexican restaurant and bar in town. When I walk in there is a table with a couple who have four children that are loud and out of control. The restaurant is pretty full and Pete is sitting at the bar. I say “ Hi Pete I’m here to take you home, how are you doin”?” He stands up and starts flipping open his expandable white cane with the red tip, and pete has a very loud voice, he basically yells all the time. he say’s “I would be doin’ alright if it wasn’t for all these bratty kids. Ya know you have to get a license to drive, you have to get a license and be educated to do a lot of things, but you don’t have to be smart or licensed to have kids, all you have to do is fuck. And these dumbasses have been fucking way to much! Their kids just ruined my lunch. They are out of control. I look around the room and that family is cowering at the table in the middle of the room. Pete doesn’t shut up, he’s walking out with me grumbling about how people should be educated before having kids, they shouldn’t allow any old dumbass to fuck and have kids, some assholes should not be allowed to reproduce. I look around the room and everyone is smiling. I can tell everyone in the restaurant agrees with Pete, but no one else would say it. I almost expected them to burst into applause. If Pete wasn’t blind he would have been punched out by now, but you can’t punch the old blind man. He knows he is immunized so he says whatever he wants, and usually whatever everyone else is thinking.

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