Steve was a powerful and sometimes obnoxious person, loud and
outspoken. He was funny and sometimes so unpolished that he offended
people. He was an obsessive playwright. That was really all he
cared about, he had plays to write!

He was not very happy about his life though. He was so obsessed
with his plays that he hardly ever ate, he had splitting headaches
a lot of the time, and he had trouble interact ing with others,
with tact, most of the time.

At the time that I met Steve, I was experimenting with spirituality
and Steve and I had some interesting and enjoyable conversations.
I had just read a book entitled `The Unquiet Dead’ by Edith Fiore
which dealt with entity possession. It dealt with many different
levels of possession from a mild possession of relatively harmless
spirits to the more manipulative possessions and also multiple
possessions. When you look at the world through the eyes of Edith
Fiore, you start to realize that many people are plagued with these
invisible parasites. We are just like many in the animal kingdom
who have parasites without ever realizing it. When a person dies,
they have a choice, go to the light, or through the choices of
their life, go to the dark, or remain an earthbound entity. Sometimes
they don’t even realize they are dead. A spirit feels uncomfortable
without a body and so they often possess others just to feel more
comfortable. It can be a symbiotic relationship or very harmful
to the one possessed, just like parasitism in nature.

At this time in my life I had experimented with exorcisms on myself
and had had some successes. I had gotten to where I could see when
a person was possessed by a certain weighted look to the eye, a
subtle darkness. I had also done some exorcisms on some other
individuals and had seen changes in their behavior, and a brightness
which came back to their eyes.

I had begun to notice Steve, his irritability, his obsessive
behavior, especially regarding his play writing. He was complaining
about headaches and I noticed that look in his eye, that dark

I was talking to a friend about some of my experiences and about
the way s to tell when someone is laden with spirits. She asked
for an example and I mentioned Steve. She immediately went to Steve
and told him what we said and asked him if he wanted an exorcism.
He said ok but I don’t think he took it very seriously. We went
through the practice where basically I talked to the spirit possessing
him to try to convince him to go into the light. After we did this
Steve was very quiet, he actually was silent for the rest of the
evening which is very unusual for Steve. He went out on the sidewalk
in front of the coffeehouse where we were, and started doing Tai
Chi. He had this blank bewildered stare on his face all the rest
of that night. I asked him if he was all right. He just stared at
me without answering.

The next night, Steve was his old self. I asked him about how he
was feeling and if he could feel the difference or realize that he
had his entity back. He said that he did believe what I was talking
about, but he missed his spirit. He said he realized that it was
probably bad for him but he felt lost without him. He had obviously
invited him back in.

That night I was sitting on a couch at the coffeehouse, Steve was
sitting on a chair with his feet up on a trunk between us. I put
my feet up on the trunk and put the soles of my feet up against
the soles of Steve’s feet. I knew that the soles of a person’s feet
were the most penetrable point for the entrance of a spirit into
the body.

I always think of bars when I think of this phenomenon. Alcohol
reduces your spiritual insulation against entity possession and at
most bars they have stools, and perhaps that bar you put your feet
on, the soles of your feet being off the ground and open to

I once heard a story about a man who had the inner sight, he was
sitting in a bar and said he could see that the place was full of
people, and full of entities also. One man had gotten so drunk
that he fell off the barstool and was knocked unconscious (out of
the body) The man with the inner sight said he saw one of the
entities go over, and it looked like he unzipped the mans body
(insulation) and crawled into his body. The man immediately regained
consciousness, got up, and went to the bar to order another drink.

On this night I put the soles of my feet up to the soles of Steve’s
feet and prayed that, if it was the will of the father, this spirit
which was in Steve, would come into me, that I might exorcise it

At the moment that I said this prayer, I felt a vibrational force
move up my legs, and into my body. I knew that it had happened and
that this entity was within me. I didn’t, at the time realize the

The next day I woke up with a splitting headache, right in the
front of my forehead. I was getting dressed and had the strange
urge to wear these bright flashy clothes that I usually didn’t
wear. A couple of nights later I went back to the coffeehouse and
some friends were saying that I was more loud and obnoxious than
before. I was talking to the girl who went to Steve in the first
place, I told her what I had done and she started laughing. She
said `look at yourself, you’re dressing like Steve, you’re acting
like Steve,’ then the peaceful, Zen, Steve walked in. We started
talking and I told him what I had done. Then I started describing
himself to him. ` So usually you wake up in the morning with a
headache that goes from one temple right across the front of your
forehead to the other temple, your head doesn’t hurt in the top or
the back, just right across the front, right?’ Steve of course had
to agree. ` You have no appetite whatsoever, absolutely no urge
to eat.’ Personally I had gone all day on a bowl of soup, which I
ate out of obligation. I went on describing to Steve how he usually
felt in his own body then I asked him how he had been feeling in
the last couple of days. He said that his headache was gone, his
appetite was back and he had been feeling at peace with himself.
I asked him how his writing was going and he said he hadn’t written
anything in the last couple of days.

He just hadn’t had the urge to write at all. This was not like
Steve. So I had come to the conclusion that the entity which had
possessed Steve was a playwright who died of a head injury and felt
like he had not finished his life because he had more plays to

The next day I went through the depossession technique with a
friend of mine and the spirit left me. I ran into Steve and he had
it back again. I decided that they were meant to be together. I
read some of the plays that Steve was writing and the works were
very good. Steve seemed happier with this direction in his life.
Perhaps it was a symbiotic relationship.

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