It was five below zero, in a cabin with only wood stove heat. I was so tired of chopping wood and carrying water… Ok, I really didn’t carry any water, but I was really tired of chopping wood, I had just been layed off work, and I was finally done with my child support responsibilitys, and I was basically free to do as I pleased. So I decided to go to San Diego, to visit a good friend of mine. Everything went fine on the trip and I got there with no problems. It was really good to see my friend Johann, he is one of the few people that I can talk to about many spiritual matters that some people just don’t seem to relate to. Johann can see spirits, sometimes walking the streets, and sometimes in people’s eyes, and so can I. We have talked about it quite a bit and we have spotted spirits in each other. We both know that intity possession is a common occurence and we don’t have the negetive feeling about it that many people do.

I was talking with Johann about what had happened while we were apart for the last two years and he said that he had a most amazing experiance. He said that he worked with a man named Bob for about six months, and that Bob had a terminal diagnosis of cancer when Johann met him. Johann said that he immediatly saw a spirit in Bob, but that he mainly worked with Bob on his diet and general health regime and did not immediatly deal with the intity possession. Bob went back to the doctor and was told that he had three months to live. Johann was inspired to work on the intity that he knew Bob had, and one night he actually took the intity on. He had the spirit leave Bob and enter his own body. I have done this as an experiment a few times and I really discourage anyone from trying this at home, but Johann did it, and then even though he really hates the ocean, he was inspired to go to the ocean, in January, strip off all his clothes and run into the cold water. He said that he sent the spirit into the waves. Actually I think that it was a very smart thing to do. Spirits feel uncomfortable without a body, that is why they jump into other peoples bodys, to feel more comfortable. A human body in the cold January Pacific ocean is not a place I would want to be, I would leave immediatly! And that spirit left Johann immediatly, and it had left Bob too. The next time Bob went to the doctor, there was no sign of cancer, the doctors were baffled and Bob was healed!

Well that was a cool story, but I needed to make some money. Johann had been doing flagstone work, on and off, and he said if we got a job, I could help him, so we did. We got a job, doing a flagstone walkway for a guy named lawrence. We had worked on it for a couple of weeks when I started to notice a side of Johann that I never had noticed before. He was very particular about the work, everything had to be just so, and this was not like him. He is generally not an anal retentive person, but when it came to stonework he was extreamly quality conscious. I thought this was cool at first, because I can appreciate a craftsman at work. Then it got extreame, and Johann started to be an asshole about miniscule things. One day it became obvious that I wasn’t dealing with Johann at all.

We got up that morning and Johann was very happy, I thought oh good, it’s going to be a good day. We went to get coffee and he was fine. Then he went to the bathroom and came out of the restroom in a funk. We got in the car and I could tell a cloud had come over him. I asked him, I said “Johann, are you OK? You seem like something is wrong?”. He said “I can’t be Johann every day.” I thought I was teasing him at the time, we always tease back and forth, I said “Oh, you’re not Johann? Who are you?” Under his breath he mumbled “Flickster.” Well the rest of that day went really bad, Johann was a total jerk, really picky about little insignificant things, berating and insulting to me, and this is not like him, we truely Love each other and it was so obviously not Johann, that finally it hit me, like a brick in the face about three in the afternoon. Sometimes I’m a little slow, I should have realised that it was not really Johann I was dealing with, but I got caught up in the moment and I just was thinking Johann is a jerk, but then I caught myself, and I remembered what he had said. “I can’t be Johann all the time.” So this is Flickster? Then I thought, I need to do something outrageous. Johann got nitpicky about something again and I went off, and started yelling and screaming at him, calling him an asshole and really attacking him, but I was directing the attack at Flickster, not at Johann. Then in the middle of the attack, I screamed “and not only are you an asshole but I am sick and tired of what you are doing to my friend Johann.” At this point, I think Johann realized what I was doing. I wasn’t yelling at him, I was yelling at the spirit that was coming through him at the moment. He was working on a piece of stone, and he was looking at the ground. I told him to look at me, but he wouldn’t, I demanded that he look at me but he wouldn’t. Possessing intitys do not like to be seen, and the only way I can see them is in the eye. It is like a cloud over the eyeball, and if you look into the cloud, everything shifts and sometimes, with practise the face can change into the face of the entity, and that really annoys them, they seem to like their invisibility. But Johann wouldn’t look at me. The intity seems to have a certain amount of control over the person, and I think Flickster wouldn’t let him look at me.

I talked to Johann about this whole experiance, later that night, when we were not at work, and Flickster was not in control. Johann said that he knew that he had that spirit, and that it would be the death of him. I mentioned the name Flickster and he said, “Don’t call me that.” He said that Flickster was a pet name that his X-wife used to call him. I reminded him of his mumbled comment when he said, “I can’t be Johann all the time…. I’m Flickster”  He thought about it and said, “You know, maybe you’re right, maybe it is Flickster.” Johann had a heroin problem when he was married and has wrestled with addiction problems as long as I have known him. I was thinking that maybe Flickster was his addiction problem, and then Johann told me that he wanted to get rid of him but that he needed to finish the stone job first, because Flickster is the stonemason and Flickster gives him drive and ambition, without him he doesn’t get anything done. I told him that I didn’t want to work with him the next day, I needed a break, he understood, and the next day I went to Coronado Island and created a nice artpiece.

When I got back, I was talking to Johann about how his day at work without me went and he had a very interesting story. As background… Lawrence is married to a surgeon, and he is basically a Mister Mom. He and his wife have adopted a little chinese girl, Lee Ching, a three year old. His wife is somewhat of a workaholic as most dedicated surgeons can be. She can work very long days and we have seen a few times that she can be very demanding of her three year old… look at me when I talk to you… answer your father… ect. ect.  Lawrence on the other hand can be somewhat neglectful, there were a few times that he would come home and leave their daughter Lee Ching in the car seat, asleep, on the street. It is a nice neiborhood, but I don’t care, you don’t do that. So we have a sweet, demuir, quiet, chinese three year old girl, with a very nice but somewhat neglectful father, and an overbearing Mother.

So Johann went to work, and Lee Ching came outside to see what he was doing, and to play. She would often come out to see what the guys were doing on the sidewalk and garden. Johann was kneeling down, talking to Lee Ching and holding her hand. He said that he felt the spirit leave him and go into Lee Ching! At first, I was a little freaked out by this, but the more I have thought about it, it is actually so perfect! The qualitys that Flickster has is exactly what Lee Ching needs, assertiveness, to stand up for herself, to be a bit more willfull, set her mother straight, and get her father on the ball. At the age of three she shouldn’t have access to heroin for quite a while, I think it will be a good thing.

So I went with Johann back over to Lawrences, we were almost done with the first part of the job and I was leaving town. I wanted to say goodbye and I was curious to see Lee Ching. We were talking to Lawrence and Lee Ching was running around, I was trying to get her to look at me but she wouldn’t look at me, I could not get her to look at me. Johann was talking to her, eye to eye, no problem. Also, when Flickster was in Johann he said he was totally infatuated with Lee Ching, since Flickster has left him and is in her, his infatuation is gone. He was asking her if she was happy, and I knew he was really asking Flickster if he was happy in her. Lee Ching picked up a big handful of grass, about 18 inches long and as much as her hands could hold. Johann asked her again, “Are you happy?” and immediatly Lee Ching looked him in the eye and ripped this huge handful of grass into two pieces and held them apart. Her father got a very surprised look on his face, and it was very odd, it was a very strong act for a three year old to do, almost superhuman strength for her size. Johann and I agreed later, that it was Flickster saying that he was happy in her body and that connection between Flickster and Johann was broken.

I left, but I have been in contact with Johann and he has hardly been back to work over there, he has no stonemason in him anymore. The few times that he has gone back Lee Ching comes out and tries to help. He gives her small tasks and she works hard, when her father comes to try to get her to come inside she throws a screeming fit. Johann was saying, that Flickster is determined to work with stone. Johann has lost his drive and ambition, has no desire to work with stone, or to work at all, but he is much more at peace. And for me, the veil between the dimensions has continued to get thinner and thinner. As the dimensional shift begins it seems that the magical timings and coincidings are increasing also.

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