Mt. Pinos


I found the ocean to be much like the desert, only there was a lot more water. They can both be peacefully harsh and beautiful, with more life and occurence than you would imagine. You can feel the life they have swallowed up and devoired. It is adament underneath you, animate too. You wonder if it will take you as it’s prey. They are however, merciful if you show them respect. I once walked up Mt. Pinos in Cuddy Valley wrapped in a green blanket for lack of other clothing. It was a silent and beautiful place, but if you walk barefoot you can feel your ancestors under your feet. As I reached the top of the peak, after not seeing a soul for hours, I was surprised to see a helecopter with two ventura county sheriffs on top of the mountain. I walked up, cloaked in my green blanket and I am sure they were as surprised to see me. I walked up to the helecopter looking like a monk, and asked them what they were doing, with authority! They said that a man had committed suicide by jumping off a cliff and they were retrieving the body. I told them I was basically a soul retriever and that people are very confused when they commit suicide the tendency is for their souls to remain earthbound unless they are sent into the light. I asked if I could do a ritual over the body. They agreed that I could. I think they were a little freaked out that I had walked out of the woods that far back in the wilderness, with a green blanket wrapped around me just at the moment that they were bringing the body bag up the hill.So they agreed to give me some time alone with the body before they loaded it into the helecopter. I called upon the angels and deceased reletives of the man and built the corridor of light with the prayer energy of every prayer that had ever been prayed for him. I told him to go into the light and I called on his soul to look at his body and realise that he was indeed dead. Sometimes, in the case of suicides, people think it didn’t work because when the body dies the spirit lives on. As I was doing this I felt like I was being watched, not by the officers, but by a crowd of witnesses. I called on the deceased relatives and loved ones of this soul and directed them to take him into the light. I reassured him that upon going into the light he would recieve a new spiritual body, because some people are just scared to leave their body. I felt as though my work was done, so I called the sherrifs over. They loaded the body into the helecopter and took off, leaving me totally alone on the top of Mt. Pinos.

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